Get your head out of the box!

When something big happens in our life, usually something not positive, it becomes all our world.

Not my job to deep dive into psychological reasons, tricks and solutions, apart from few scars I am not qualified for that, I just share what I learnt.

Our life has multiple areas, like boxes laying on the floor.

Once we get stuck in 'the issue' it absorbs all our energy (physically and mentally), our head is IN THAT BOX.

Wherever we turn we can see only the walls of THAT box and it becomes the entire world around us, our life.

At a certain point, we need to decide/realize/recognize that the issue doesn't define us, who we are.

I am more.

I am not my divorce, my job loss, my financial challenge, my ...whatever.

We have a life, dozens of boxes: relationships, friends, social life, interests, career, family, books, sports, groups of peers, boardgames...

If a box is sinking it is one box, only one.

We need to take care of ourselves and recognize we need help.

How does this switch happen? when? why?

no clue...sorry ... the important thing is that it can happen, we can switch

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