Wisdom is shared, not taught

I enjoy learning and studying new stuff.

I can't avoid rabbit holes once I cross

some new topic. My (ex) library collected 1'200 books on hundreds topics.

Recently I crossed some videos and articles from Chip Cloney, the inspiring founder of the Modern Elder Academy MEA.

The key principle is that there are clear milestones-rituals-gates up to a certain point: school, university, degree, master, jod trajectory ecc.

However from 40-50 there is nothing structured: since life expectancy is around 80: considering our adult (>20) life, we are left alone for 2/3 of our adult life.

This is where the MEA concept started (much better how he describes it...ok ok).

I realized that up to know courses and classes I attended follow the scheme:

  • someone 20-30 years old has great skills (time management, productivity ecc)

  • I feel frustrated by my weaknesses or excited by the opportunity to learn

  • I get/buy know how to fill my gaps from the past

That's the point: things I wish i knew when I was 'my age - x'.

MEA is based on sharing wisdom in a circle of peers with same age. People preparing for the next section of the journey: 'wisdom is shared not taught'.

Due to 2021 Covid restrictions (google it if the post survived so long) I am attending the MEA Online course right now (8 weeks journey).

Let it go, all versions and identities I have not been, and focus on what's next, based on my identities i want bring with me from now on.

This is where life design, Financial Independence, values and long term goals come all together...

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